Since 2015, we show the movies no other theater dares to screen.  From Three The Hard Way to Krush Groove to Crooklyn, we showcase buried gems in black cinema.  Take a look at the lineup for the Aero Theater and New Beverly Cinema.  93% of the films on their roster do not celebrate the tapestry of races and cultures of America.

We host movie screenings and film festivals that build community.  This is what we offer.  When the movie is over we don’t get up and shuffle to our cars.  We turn to each other and initiate a live discussion on the movie’s social and spiritual significance. When you leave our theater, you feel inspired, connected and uplifted.



Great movie and great conversation. It was great to meet up with folks who appreciate Black cinema.

Adam Barnes

I had one of the dopest intimate & nostalgic movie experiences here yesterday while watching Dead Presidents & the discussion afterwards was thought provoking! Will definitely be back!




Great atmosphere and great discussion. So glad I found out about this wonderful group!


Lots of fun seeing the movie again . Wonderful to have a packed house. Discusssion and dining out afterwards , priceless. It was great seeing everyone and meeting new people.